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  1. How much arehearing aid in the US?

    Prices are all over the place based on a number of factors.

    Aids come in 3 levels:
    Entry - provides basic enhancements for people who are in quiet settings.
    Mid - adds additional noise suppression and directionality making it reasonably close to the next.
    Top - all the bells and whistles for noise and directionality
    All of the above are built on the exact same hardware

    Pricing for the three might be 2500 -- 4000 -- 6000 but some clinics will ...
  2. Choosing the "best" aid

    Over several models companies touted things like double the processor speed. That seems to have plateaued for all save Octicon who was playing catch-up. The rocketing improvements in the last 10 years or so made more elaborate software/claims possible.

    AFAIK, the recent couple of cycles haven't had the "double the speed" claims so they moved toward software tweaks. Those get blown out of proportion by their PR department.

    Put that all together and you get ...