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  1. My HOH lol

    I guess my biggest lol came in the early stages of my hearing loss.
    My husband ask me " What time is it?
    My answer was " Cat food"

    Yes I definitely misheard that one!

    I was in the kitchen getting a bowl of cereal, he was in the living room and shouted the question to me'
    e does not like the cereal I was getting and always said it tasted like cat food.
    Therefore when I heard "What kind is it, my answer was cat food.
  2. audiogram 4 years old


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  3. Kansas city Ks

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    Ok this is concerning the Kansas city Ks area, maybe someone is familiar with the ones (Costco) in that area
    My graph from a Ha store a while back was:
    R 250=0, 500=10, 1000=30, 2000=30. 3000=20, 8000=5
    L 250=25, 500= 40, 1000=50, 2000=35, 4000=25, 800=25

    R 35
    L 45
    R 65
    L 65

    Not that bad?

    I tried to upload it but I guess its too big.
  4. Hearing Aid Industry

    Seems like every part of this industry has it's own way of doing
    business. Stores with audioligists, internet sellers and now Costco,
    all have a different way of going to market. In the long run you pay
    the same. So what we need is to pay for quality.

    Have a Consumer Reports account and they tell you all about
    them, but do not rate them like they would a car or appliance.
    Every business tries to differentiate itself. Do not need to get a
    hearing aid ...
  5. Schedule for Costco Phonak Update to Venture platform

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    Has Costco given any indication of when it plans to update its Brio models to the new Venture platform?
    I was the first customer for the Phonak Brio. It worked fine for 2 weeks then had to be sent back to Phonak to be fixed. Could this be why Costco is changing to a different aid? I have only one ear that works and the Brio addressed this 20 year problem by letting both ears hear by passing the signal from the bad ear to the good one. I did not have it long enough to be able to determine ...
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