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  1. naida better than super but still need help tweeking !

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    Hia all,

    I am from India, in my 30's and been using P38 for a long long time in only left ear (i never used aid in my right ear as my discrimination power in right was zero n it disturbed even more my ability to hear from left ear alone)..

    i had even bought senso vita in between but never liked the sound n didnt use it....this yr, I hd to buy new hearing aids n it was a very tough call deciding between widex super 440 and phonak naida IXUP...

    i took long trials
  2. WIDEX DREAM D4-FS P or WIDEX DREAM D4-FS HP.....which to buy

    [QUOTE=ussama;100903]Hi i am new to this forum and i have severe hearing loss .my old Widex Inteo In-19 gave up after 5 years of use and i am now searching for a new hearing hearing loss is as follows
    250 hz 75db
    500hz 70db
    1khz 75db
    2khz 70db
    4khz 95db
    6khz NR
    8Khz 100db
    i have no hearing in my right ear
    widex dream D4-FS P will be enough for me or i have to buy D4-FS HP Hearing Aid
  3. searching for fitiing software

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    The owner and cheif aid designer at America Hears is hearing impared and understands the struggles of getting aids adjusted correctly in the current manufacturer-fitter-client sales model.
    What's even more impressive is that he wears America Hears RIC aids. I met him about a month ago when I brought my aids in for service. On the way out, I stopped in his office for a little chat. Nice guy.
    He would be a fool to wear anything by AH aids when meeting customers. Question ...
  4. searching for fitiing software

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    I know (that you know) that I can legally the use fitting software. But you will never admit it.
    ... but you cannot legally use the fitting software ... or any other software for that matter ... without explicit permission.

    Believe what you like, but the law is the law.

    It applies to all creative output : music, poetry, drawings, software.

    If you live in an alternative universe, fine ... but in this universe you cannot legally use unlicensed software
  5. phone clip plus switching ears

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    Just Got a new phone clip plus. Had it for two weeks now, and it seems to be switching from ear-to-ear or both ears when using Bluetooth phone. It might start off playing in both ears and go to the right then go to the left and go back to both ears. or it might start off in just one ear and then go to both ears. This is my second phone clip plus, has anyone else had this problem?
    I have the same problem when using the phone clip, I have to
    change HA batteries about every 4 hours. ...
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