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  1. Looking for pediatric audiologist recommendation

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    Hello to All.
    First, sorry my English (it's not my mother language).
    I have a daughter with hearing loss. She is 4 years old now.
    Her audiogram is
  2. Siemens Motion 3mi Hearing aids

    Don t let hearing loss hold you back
    Motion micon is a versatile line of BTEs that offers numerous benefits in four different models so it can virtually fit any ear and any degree of hearing loss. Convenient onboard controls offer a high degree of wearing and handling comfort. And because Motion micon is fully-featured, hassle-free and reliable, it is the ideal solution for all age groups.
    visit /
  3. Bluetooth Streamer Alternative Review

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    I saw a brief remark that the Miccus Transmitter had minimum latency and ordered one. It worked but suffered infant mortality and I returned it. I noticed that the Indigo BTRT1 was the same unit but $10 cheaper and reordered it instead. When it came it was identical down to the packaging.

    Both units were easy to pair with my Resound Phone Clip +.

    This is a low latency BT 4.1 device. Low does not mean no. For general viewing it might be considered no as watching
  4. Bernafon Supremia or Oticon Dynamo? Profound deaf

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    Bernafon and Dynamo are from the same company but different as Rasmus Points out. Bernafon is sold in Europe and Canada but not really found in the US except at Costco.

    Resound is another manufacturer with their own hardware and software.

    With all brands having their own approach, each will have its adherents who feel that aid reproduces sound best for their situation.

    Names change with every new product line to confuse the users. And there can be other names/brands
  5. Why did the Audi suggest cheaper hearing aids? Complicated loss? New, any help appreciated.

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    Thanks, Um bongo. Makes sense. I'm starting to understand. It is quite confusing at first. What I'm getting is that the HA's are mainly for speech and that the correction is mainly for that. I was having a terrible time in the classroom (I teach) and also in restaurants. I'm hoping the low frequencies don't get any worse because I'm learning that will affect ability to comprehend speech the most.
    Actually poorer low frequencies have a relatively low impact on your speech intelligibility
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