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  1. Decisions about first HA when primary problem is tinnitus

    After six years of tinnitus, it has gotten worse. Or my tolerance has decreased; same outcome.

    So I started looking at HA. Audi says Lynx w/ tinnitus masking enabled; helps some fraction of tinnitus sufferers. No way to know until you try it. $5200

    Costco sells Cala 8, almost same HA, w/o tinnitus masking enabled, for $2600. But one can use the Resound Relief Tinnitus Masking app and stream any of a huge variety of tones/sounds to the HA's.

    I've posted to ...
  2. How do loud sounds damage hearing?

    The ear consists of the outer, the middle and the inner ear. Each part of the ear plays an important role in catching, directing and transmitting sound. The ear is also important for our balance and maintaining our body position. Sounds that exceed 85 decibels might damage hearing and sometimes even cause irreparable hearing loss. In order to understand why and how this happens, itís important to be familiar with the structure and the function of the ear.

    The outer ear is the part most ...