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  1. More closed fitting for better speech in noise?

    This gentlemen is a great supporter of the forum and a great fitter.

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    The argument is that you 'manage' all the sound rather than just let it mix with the HF improvement you get from more open fittings.

    As with lots of this stuff, the answer is more 'it depends' rather than a straight YES/NO. Looking at the long term success of RIC fittings you have to examine why this type of fit has dominated the market in recent years vs. the more occluded styles if fitting. It's not
  2. Self programmable personal amplifiers

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    First question is whether anyone has discovered a source for HA/PSADs that readily allow self programming?
    These companies sell PSAPs and hearing aids with self-programming software and technical support services:
  3. Decisions about first HA when primary problem is tinnitus

    After six years of tinnitus, it has gotten worse. Or my tolerance has decreased; same outcome.

    So I started looking at HA. Audi says Lynx w/ tinnitus masking enabled; helps some fraction of tinnitus sufferers. No way to know until you try it. $5200

    Costco sells Cala 8, almost same HA, w/o tinnitus masking enabled, for $2600. But one can use the Resound Relief Tinnitus Masking app and stream any of a huge variety of tones/sounds to the HA's.

    I've posted to ...
  4. Hearing Aid Practitioner employed at Costco…Ask Me Anything!!

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    I am new at this, just visited Costco , I am looking for Resound Linx2 962 , Costco has resound called CALA , Not sure if Cala is the equivalent of Linx 2 model 5, 7 or 9 . I am searching to find any equivalent info , would you please help me ? thank you
  5. Buying a used hearing aid

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    The CROS II can be paired with any Venture RIC or BTE hearing aid, but the two need to be programmed together by a hearing professional.
    By hearing professional you mean an audiologist? Not an otolaryngologist?

    By the way, I bought two Oticon Epocqs from an estate sale on EBay. I had been wearing an Epocq (did I spell that right?) but it got lost with no insurance and so knew what to expect. I paid $800 for two of them. From a local hearing aid shop with an audiologist ...
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