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  1. Do you have a store on the Big Island?

    thanks again,

  2. Dear Admin,

    I and thousands of other HOH are very grateful to you for running such a fine forum. If you ever need a little $ for stamps, let me know. 808 315 1525 (big island, naalehu) has sold Dr Cherukuri's amazing

    mdhearingaids PRO

    for years. As you know, they are pretty good, especially for $150. I KNOW the PRO is good, 2 for $340. Doubt the Max is OK. Hope to try the new Mdhearingaid PRO, digital, fit n go. $599 for a pair.

    Last week, AMAZON cut them off.

    hiding those amazing reviews.

    I smell big manufacturer money, and am very distressed.

    lots of working folk can't afford thousands, and CAN afford the Pro at $150 or less.

    my belief: the PRO was too good, and too cheap, and the big 7 decided it was scary, and they'll try to squash him.

    Damn damn damn damn.
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