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  1. Hi Steve,

    It's me again. I visited Costco today and the Rep was there so he helped with an adjustment. One thing I complained about was feedback after I change programs. He took a look after we made some other changes and said it should be OK. But it's not. I'm still having trouble with feedback when I change programs. I'm wearing the tulip tips in both ears. Do you have any idea what might be going on?

    Thanks, Shirley
  2. Thank you so much. The more I wear the Verites the more Like them. I'll do the things you are suggesting this week. All if possible. I really appreciate your advice. I'm 57 with a teenager still at home, an artist, and very active in all aspects of life. I need to hear as well as possible. One thing hearing loss has taught me is how precious is our ability to listen and learn about others through the gift of hearing. I'll never take my ability to communicate well with others for granted again.
  3. Hi Um bongo,

    I understand that you fit both Oticon Agils and other Oticon aids and the Bernafon Verites. I've been trying out the Berafon Verites. I'm also interested in trying the Oticon Agil Pros. I hear a lot better in one ear than the other so I'm wondering if the Spacial Sound feature of the Agils would be of much benefit to me in a noisy environment. Could you compare the two aids for me a bit and tell me if you have to good speech comprehension in both ears to do well with the Agils? I'm not very happy with how the Verites are doing for me in noisy situations. Do you have any suggestions for improving the Verites or perhaps another aid I might try?

    ------------L R
    0250-----10 10
    0500-----10 10
    0750-----55 65
    1000-----60 65
    2000-----50 60
    3000-----45 50
    4000-----35 45
    6000-----35 50
    8000-----35 55

    My speech comprehension is much better in my left ear than in my right. Night and day really.
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