Price on Oticon OPN

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Just as an overseas reference, and I am in no way trying to be a wiseass. The Oticon Opn seams very expensive in the US. I got my pair the other month ( Oticon Opn 1 miniRITE 312 C090 ). I paid 8995 SEK ( ~1000 USD ) each which included 4 years of service, insurance for damaging them, batteries and other consumables for 4 years. That also includes 25% VAT. This is also before government subsidising. That was 3600 SEK ( ~400 USD ) which I on the other hand had to pay 1000 SEK ( ~120 USD ) to get ... yeah go figure.

How come they are so incredibly expensive over in USA? Is that the same for all hearing aids? Normally you are always cheaper, due to competition. I know they are Danish Design, which makes some of it. But the difference is really huge.
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