Stop and take a deep breath

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This is for the newbies. I am blogging it instead of posting as I have nothing to add and, honestly, neither do you. It is the truth as I know it. Your truth can reach it own point.

I just read a newer users anguish over two aids. He's never worn aids and he a bit frightened. That is where we all start. He already is experiencing buyer's remorse and he is yet to stick aids in his ear.

Newer Tech
Almost all of us here are wearing "old" tech because we've had our aids for a year or more. But there are people here that have five year old aids they like more than the aids they recently trialed.


Every aid has new feature that "prove" they are 40-60-80 percent better than whatever. A 100% is the way they designed their study to assure the percentage they report

If you are getting your first aids the most costly aids have the most features. However, the hardware used is the same as in the most expensive. If you have a mild to moderate loss, good word understanding, can discriminate speech in noise fairly well, well, that's why they call them entry level aids.

Features for those of us with serious loss and poor recognition, do better with premium aids but, even there, the fancy features don't give us the hearing we hope for. Results vary regardless of features.

A bit of history

A dozen years ago or such, digital aids came to the market and advances in the next years was rather rapid. Improvements came via Moore's law where processors got more powerful quickly in the phone category which is the base processor type that aids use. We are still having that but the big improvements are plateauing as last seasons processor isn't as far behind as a two-three year old processor is to it.

Don't have buyers remorse. Reading here gives you good basic info about everything. Just don't buy into the hype we throw about. We've had people here that could hype something better than the manufacturer. The latest and greatest always settles back to reality. Overstatement here abounds.

So relax and start a trial. Whatever brand. You'll learn more in that 90 days than you'll ever get here because you've experience and experience can always trump knowledge. But, at that point you'll have the knowledge you got here coupled to your own experience and that trumps everything.


A parallel to this is gamers who buy $3000 video cards to assure they have the latest and greatest. If a fun thing but others have as much success spending a tenth of that. Bragging right have a cost that doesn't always parallel success rates.

This is a blog because it doesn't need a thread as nothing said will change my belief. Visit the blog here, it has thing that seemed important said by me and others.
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  1. niceoldguy's Avatar
    Thanks, KenP. Reading this helped me calm down and take a breath. I am one of those with pre-post-purchase dissonance of first HAs. Good to know that whatever I get I'm likely to have several good years of use, even if other HAs appear on market with shiny bells.