Why did the Audi suggest cheaper hearing aids? Complicated loss? New, any help appreciated.

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Thanks, Um bongo. Makes sense. I'm starting to understand. It is quite confusing at first. What I'm getting is that the HA's are mainly for speech and that the correction is mainly for that. I was having a terrible time in the classroom (I teach) and also in restaurants. I'm hoping the low frequencies don't get any worse because I'm learning that will affect ability to comprehend speech the most.
Actually poorer low frequencies have a relatively low impact on your speech intelligibility score. The performance of your ears from 1-4KHz is far more relevant to how well you hear speech, hence my comment about your loss not being too bad. However in a school environment the children will be able to hear and therefore annunciate at much quieter levels than you.

Lower LF levels gives the impression of overall loudness though, so you might perceive your hearing to be worse than it is. Conversely people with poor HF don't necessarily appreciate the decline in their hearing when the LF are retained at relatively good levels.
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