How much arehearing aid in the US?

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Prices are all over the place based on a number of factors.

Aids come in 3 levels:
Entry - provides basic enhancements for people who are in quiet settings.
Mid - adds additional noise suppression and directionality making it reasonably close to the next.
Top - all the bells and whistles for noise and directionality
All of the above are built on the exact same hardware

Pricing for the three might be 2500 -- 4000 -- 6000 but some clinics will be higher with top grade reaching 7200; mids 4200-4600; entry 3000-3200 -- for the same aids/service

Online sellers discount up to 40% on those prices.

Costco aids run from 800 to 2600.

The most important unknown though is the quality of the fitter who can represent more variation in result than anything else.
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