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Thread: Some Basic Causes Of Sudden Hearing Loss

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    Quote Originally Posted by corey View Post
    certain guns if fired right next to the ear can cause sudden loss in that frequency range. Unless of course it blows your drum from over pressure.

    I've experienced this. I was out shooting guns with several friends. I've always used my hearing aids as a sort of ear plug. WRONG!!! One guy had an AR15 and let us all shoot it. My turn came up. After the first shot the shock waves from the single bullet sent shock waves to my brain. I saw spots for a split second. Not wanting to be a "wuss" in front of my buddies I continued shooting a few more shots. By the time I was done, I had nothing but ringing in my ears and my left ear all of a sudden quit working. I thought my battery died in my HA. I changed the battery, but no change. No problem I thought. The next morning the same problem. I panicked and had my wife schedule an immediate appt. with my audiologist. Indeed I had lost all hearing in my left ear and significant loss in my right ear. A week I gained back some of my hearing in both ears but not back to where the normal level used to be. Now I wear both ear plugs and ear muffs when shooting and let everyone around me know it.

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    Don't I read about ED drugs (cialis, viagara) sometimes causing loss of hearing and/or vision? I haven't ever read whether it's permanent or not, though.

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    Yeah guys, the level of noise in nightclubs, and the habit of sticking with headphones and MP3s or any other latest musical gadget is the leading causes of sudden hearing loss. I myself feel deaf when I use headphones for a longer period than the normal.
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    Why is no one mentioning one of the most insidious means of destroying your hearing. Try using a loud Lawnmower each week. and, if that doesn't do the job, a gas blower will probably finish the job!
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    probably not a lot of folks reading 2 year old threads.

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    probably not a lot of folks reading 2 year old threads.

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    I agree, sudden loss in most young teens is I think directly attributable to the ipods and such.

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    I think main cause of hearing loss is working in loud conditions. If you work in industry or if you are music lover then please protect your ears from harmful waves which can damage your inner ear. I think ear plugs are best options for ear protection. They not only protect your ears from loud sound but also help you to concentrate on your work.

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    In my case Meniere's syndrome 48 years ago. Took my left ear out. Auditory nerve. A House surgery fixed the vertigo, but not the tinnitus nor the deafness.

    HA in right ear added a week ago.


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    What kind of surgery fixed your vertigo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by as21 View Post
    Was a bit confused about how ipods caused hearing loss so had a look through this site it explained how the ear works, and now know you should definitely not be listening to loud music
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