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Thread: visitor message spam/scam alert.

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    Default Visitor Message Spammers

    We have finally managed to track down a bunch of these spammers and put restrictions in place to prevent future spammers from sending multiple messages at once.

    Please delete any of these messages you have received.

    We have tested them and also found them to just be marketing and SEO type of messages, yet it is best to delete them without opening them.


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    Thanks for your effort Admin

    I interpret literally word for word. Hidden Content Because I miss too much without body language. I frequently miss punchline to sarcastic remarks. So stop whacking around the bush and just say it literally already.
    Freq...R/L speech reception threshold
    250 45/35 R-65db L-55db
    500 60/55
    750 65/55 phon & word rec
    1000 75/60 R-90% @ 15db SL
    1500 70/80 L-80% @ 20db SL
    2000 75/80
    3000 75/80
    4000 90/85
    6000 85/75
    8000 "no response" right ear100/80

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    Spammers! I am new and I have not received any as of yet, thanks for the heads up!

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