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  1. Default Free CaptionCall Phone Promo

    Long time lurker. Noticed others talking about CaptionCall phones.

    They have a promotion going right now at captioncall dot me.

    I have one and it's great. Feel free to ask me ANYTHING about it.

    Apparently I have to be a frequest poster to post links. If someone else wants to repost it after they check it out, that would be great for those less apt to understand how to find the website.

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    Default About Caption Call

    Why is CaptionCall Free?
    You already know that you receive the CaptionCall service for free, but do you know why? Relay services, like CaptionCall, are provided to all qualified users thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA requires that people who are hard-of-hearing have the option to communicate by telephone just like someone without hearing problems. The telecommunications industry meets this requirement through relay services and CaptionCall provides a specific form of relay called Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IPCTS). CaptionCall transmits the hearing party's speech to a communications assistant who converts it into text for the hard-of-hearing user in real time.

    How is CaptionCall Funded?
    The costs of relay services are funded through payments by telephone companies, an expense that is typically passed through to telephone users as a surcharge. The funds go into the Interstate Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) Fund, which pays for multiple relay services, including the CaptionCall service, and is supervised by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

    The CaptionCall phone is not covered by the TRS Fund, but is provided by CaptionCall to all CaptionCall users for free so that anyone who is eligible for captioning is able to access the service.

    Who can use CaptionCall?
    The CaptionCall service is available only to individuals who have a medically recognized hearing disability necessitating their use of the service. All CaptionCall calls must include a hearing-impaired person. People who do not have a medically recognized hearing disability, including individuals who are in the same household as eligible CaptionCall users, or who do not need captions to utilize the phone fully, are prohibited from using the captioning. Captioning can easily be turned off by pressing the Menu button and selecting "Off" under "Captioning."

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    When I see a guy like erifknight who is a junior member with only a couple of posts promoting a product, well let's just say that alarms go off.

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    I've used Capcall locally and received a free phone for the HH. Don't be quick to judge. We need new members on this site...
    ....0250...0500...1000...2000...3000...4000...6000 ...8000
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    Phonak Smart Spice V and Phonak BICROS

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    I know how the system works. I have one myself. My point here is that when a new member starts talking about a product and you never hear from him again I assume he is actually promoting the product and wonder was he can't be open and honesr

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    I personally really enjoy the CaptionCall. I was able to get mine for free. However, now, due to new FCC regulations, the company can't offer the phone free anymore. However, I see they can still offer a discount.

    I find it really does a good job with captioning speed as well as accuracy.

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    I received a free CaptionCall phone in March 2016. I did have an HOH certificate.
    I haven't got used to it. A friend asked, "Where did you get your hearing aid," and
    it captioned, "Where did you get your Harry Edge?", so it may be fun.
    Any advise appreciated.

    p.s. is the forum alive?

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