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    Hello again everyone,

    I am writing another post in my struggle with my "hearing loss". I put that in quotations because I fully admit that I am still in denial. Even though my audiogram and audiologist state that I have moderate hearing loss I just don't believe it, or don't want to believe it.

    Well, among many of the symptoms that I have experienced I have noticed that I can't locate sound accurately. The other day I was walking outside and there were beeds buzzing around on the ground a feet or two adjacent to where I was walking but it sounded as if the bee was directly in my ear. I must have appeared crazy because I was swatting like crazy but at nothing. This happened the entire time I was walking outside and throughout the afternoon when I would walk back and forth outside to other buildings. Plus in other instances I would hear sounds and think it was happening in one area but it wasn't.

    Also, according to the audiogram I didn't do so hot on the speech recognition part. Well, when talking with people I have noticed that I misunderstand or completely mix similar sounding words together. Some words really don't sound alike but perhaps start with the same letter and I get it wrong.

    Are these things along the lines of a moderate hearing loss? I mean I think I hear well. I can even hear the most quiet things but then sometimes I can't hear much of anything. Sounds can't be located. Things sound louder and closer than they are. Isn't mixing up words that sound similar normal or not? I'm just looking to this forum for your thoughts.

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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you do have hearing loss. Most people go through the five stages of grieving regarding their hearing loss: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance, so your at stage one and have a way to go before you accept it.

    It would help if you posted your audiogram numbers and speech recognition scores, but all the problems your having in localizing sound and missing or misunderstanding what people are saying are indicative of hearing loss.
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    is there no solution to recognize the very start of the hearing loss so a better care may put forth in this regard ? i am sure there will be so why to be such a hopeless

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