Ear piercing quite common in girls, is now quite common even with young boys. Ear piercing can unfortunately cause ear infection if not done with proper sanitation. Infections can be caused if the skin of the person is allergic to the metal used for piercing or pierced using improper techniques and unsanitized equipments. However, if the ear gets infected its important, to get it treated as early as possible.
If you are wearing earrings of some good metal, then it diminishes the reasons that you are allergic to it. Usually earrings or ear tops of nickel are prone to allergic compounds. Change the metal of your choice and buy something better to wear, in order to avoid ear infection. But if the problem still persists then be sure that it’s not allergy but infection.

The pierced area might become sore, sensitive and touching it may cause pain. You may also have fever because of the infection. The wound may turn red in color, become extremely painful to touch. The wound may discharge blood or puss around the piercing. It shows that the wound is gruesome and an immediate treatment and consultation with the physician is required.

However an ear lobe infection does not lead to any serious ear problem or hearing loss hence there is no need for a hearing aid or a hearing device.

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