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Thread: my sudden(ish) hearing loss

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    I guess it was sudden I didn't feel that way at the time. Noticed that plugged up feeling of a head full of mucus from a weekend of camping during high allergen times November 2013. But honestly my last hearing test was sometime in elementary(I'm almost 25). When that cleared my right ear still felt plugged up. Went to the primary care doctor who said just fluid no infection back there take sudaphed and call if it doesn't clear up. Fast forward to late Jan and I finally find myself in the audiologists booth. Around 40db of loss in low frequencies reverse ski sloping up. Nice flat 10db line on the left side. I get by OK because of my good ear and introverted personality.

    Did a course of steroids and got tosses some muscle relaxants (one of the ents theories is that its tmj) . Not sure that any of this has really changed my perceived hearing still feel plugged up. Have some ear pain actually why i went to the doctor in the first place. We'll see when I go back to the ent in a few weeks. I didn't get a copy of my audiogram because I was so flustered when he spun the monitor around all intelligent thoughts fell out of my head. I know he said the tests showed no fluid in the ear.

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    Cole, do you work for Sonus Hearing? The response looks canned like it was a copy/paste.
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