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Thread: How often do I need to replace my domes?

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    I change my tulip domes every night. I purchased 10 domes to have for stock but they all get used. You see, I take off the domes I used for the day to clean them by rinsing them with warm running water. They go in the dryer with my aids to fully dry. My aids get a clean pair at that time. Come morning, the rinsed domes I washed the night before go back in stock with the rest. Keep the domes clean and never have a problem with the receivers.

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    WOW.. I know a few folks wrapped pretty tight. But, seriously?

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    Even if I had only one pair of domes I would still take them off the receiver to rinse them. Keeping a stock of domes makes it easier.

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    Rinsing your does from a sink of running water is the easiest and most efficient way to clean them. Nothing wow about it.

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