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Thread: What is the #1 Reason

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenP View Post
    Maybe he needs to check your hearing rather than the aid's functionality. He doesn't adjust the aid? Also, tell him you want a supply of domes and wax guards. They are user changeable and he gets them for free. If won't help you, you can save the $30 at least.
    Both of my ears have equal (poor) hearing as checked many times and recently by many tests, at an ENT including. I change the cups and filters myself and often.

    My Audi is one of the most respected in our town of about 150000. He has many audiology degrees and diplomas, more than 30 years of audiology practice, keeps two nurses who also have special audiology education, and a receptionist. I chose him out of many others to invest $5000 especially because of these his very high credentials. And THAT WAS MY MISTAKE.

    I am probably a too small fry with my routine HA problems and a meager $30 per visit. I guess he spends his time on much bigger and more lucrative works with patients, who have substantially more serious audiology problems (which ones??), as I never see his two nurses who are always busy (on what??) in the interior rooms, and so on.

    I guess that a young beginning Audi, like the friendly young female Audis who I visited in our town, would be more interested in my problems and could be allocating more time to my HAs and could help me better.

    Alas, everything could be better - in hindsight.

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    Bigger isn't always better. My ENT has a staff of 12. I think almost half must be involved in billing. He only sells one brand and my aids weren't it. Never did get a really good fitting. Nice people but so one track. Sympathetic fellow but all that really happened was my insurance got billed. I visited a large local clinic with offices in three cities. I got no discussion of my loss; just a sales pitch with the only real info being I needed to come up with $3200 to proceed.

    I am getting better help from Costco. It isn't as fancy as the offices above but there is a real effort. I decided to trial the Trax after all the comments here. The audi said I was probably wasting money. Where else would you hear that? So far, she just might be right.
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    At first it was not wanting to admit I needed them. Then the ones I saw folks wearing were the "in the ear" (looked old fashioned). Then when I finally looked into it, it was the ridiculous price.

    Now had them about 9 months & the only issue that would remain is getting scr$%ed on the pricing plus having to sort thru the incompetent private dispensers (not all but a lot).

    Next set will very likely be from Costco as they are driving the price down to where it should be and their staff seem quite capable enough.

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    For a lot of people I know, they have no idea that the level of hearing loss they have can be treated. In the UK there is a fairly wide gap between hearing loss that can affect day to day living and the level at which you would get state funded hearing aids.

    My hearing loss is in a narrow frequency range but has a significant impact on my ability to understand speech if people have particular accents. My work involves a degree of international travel and I have found a significant improvement in my functioning. So in answer to the thread questions I'd say: 1) ignorance at what can be achieved with aids, 2) cost of aids, and 3) vanity.

    I know several colleagues whose hearing appears to be somewhat worse than mine who would not even think of getting tested.

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    Cost for sure but the real kicker is what you get: High technology but very low structural durability. HAs should be virtually indistructable and lifetime warranted.

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    Price, vanity, and thinking it wont do any good.

    After that Johns Hopkins study that shows a link between dementia and uncorrected hearing loss.....I don't get how anyone could put it off.

    And as far as price, online vendors are dominating the market now with reasonable prices. Plus, some companies even work with refurbished units at super lower prices.

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    Fear of what someone else has told them about their negative experience. My Mom just got her's & loves them but it wasn't till she talked to me about mine that she was able to let go of what her Dad told her about his. This from a personal experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dc-k View Post
    For a lot of people I know, they have no idea that the level of hearing loss they have can be treated.
    I think it might be more appropriate to say people that do not wear hearing aids may not know what their level of hearing loss actually is.
    For most hearing loss is progressive, they don't notice the change from day to day and they accommodate. Much like one's brakes wearing out in a vehicle. You think you are OK until one day you find it really hard to stop then you get things checked out.
    If you are already wearing HA's, you are reminded of the difference in hearing loss every time you put them in. You may not know or realize any changes since your last adjustment.
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    Yo.. The last time the OP was online was the same day they started this thread.

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    one would think that someone trying to sell stuff to the rubes would check in more frequently

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