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Thread: Behind the Ear hearing aids to Cochlear Implants

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    I've been wearing hearing aids since I was around 2 years old, I'm 47 now. I wear hearing aids in both ears. I have them same hearing aids that I bought in October 1996, yes I know they are old and really didn't have any issues with them until I could tell there is something a little off with my hearing. Didn't know if it was the hearing aids or just my hearing. I never learned sign language, I was stubborn when I was little and never attempted to sign, but wanted to talk. So I went to a speech therapist for years (until I was around 14 or 15).

    I took my hearing test earlier this week which showed that my hearing has gotten worse and I could tell. I was hoping that new hearing aids would help readjust my hearing to hear better. The audiologist suggested that I look into cochlear implants because he doesn't think the new behind the hearing aid will help due to how much hearing loss I have.

    I told him that I still want to try the new hearing aids, whatever most powerful brand he can get to see if does help before I think about cochlear implants.

    If I'm going to get cochlear implants, I'll probably get the bilateral cochlear implants.

    My questions is for those of you that have gone from behind the ear hearing aids to cochlear implants.

    My concern is how much will my hearing will change when going from hearing aid to cochlear implants. For me, my hearing sounds "normal", meaning that I can listen to music, watch TV with sound, communicate with people (read lips help but I can understand their words), etc.

    Will the sound be same? I don't mind the sound is better or sounding the same, that would be great. Or does it sound worse? Or does the sound is just different?

    Of course the scary part for me is that I won't be able to go back to using hearing aids once I get the cochlear implants.

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    Here is a link to an excellent report from an actual implant user. Cochlear Implant Report It was written by Rush Limbaugh. Disregard his politics if they differ from yours. It is a well written and articulate article on his actual experience. I have hear that he recently had an implant placed in the other ear. After an adjustment period, I understand that he has had good results, better than the single implant.

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    Consider a "hybrid" implant if you have residual low frequency hearing. I got a Cochlear hybrid implant last summer and hear better than I have in at least 15 years. It is different and electronic at first but after a month or two the sounds becomes much more "normal". First stop is a cochlear implant center but check with your insurer too. It is a journey worth taking!
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