Hi! My name is Wendy. I'm a new member here and I wear bilateral cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics. I'm also a viola student and play some piano.

I also run a nonprofit for musicians with hearing loss called AAMHL - Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss. We have musicians who wear hearing aids, CIs, hybrid CIs and so on. You can find us online here at http://www.aamhl.org

Anyway, I'm writing here to let you all know that my Association is hosting our inaugural conference in Washington DC on May 29-30 of this year. Day 1 (May 29) will focus on making music with a hearing loss. Day 2 (which is open to the hearing loss community in general, not just musicians) focuses on issues related to living with hearing loss. It will be an exciting two days and I hope to see some of you there. The conference website is at:

Best wishes to all,