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Thread: Best Otosclerosis/Stapedectomy Ear surgeon in Dallas , Texas.

  1. Default Best Otosclerosis/Stapedectomy Ear surgeon in Dallas , Texas.

    Hi All,

    I recently diagnosed with otosclerosis and one of the ENT doctor suggested me to go for surgery.
    Any one suggest best stapedectomy surgeon in Dallas or in Texas and also what will be the approximately surgery cost for the surgery.


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    hope you got insurance or deep pockets...

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    I am in the same boat. Got diagnosed with otosclerosis 3 years back. I am on an invisible/IIC hearing aid but lately having a lot of trouble at work due to clarity of conversations getting worse. I just got put on the sodium fluoride prescription as well.

    I am considering stapedectomy and looking for recommendations for expert surgeon anywhere in Dallas/Texas.

    Would greatly appreciate any recommendations/insights.

    Thanks to folks running this forum. Its an incredible source of information and comfort.

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    Db100 or gurralaraghu, did you guys have your stapedectomy surgeries done? Could you share your experience with us? I am on the same boat. Thinking about having the surgery on my left ear. I live in Houston, Tx. Thks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Jake View Post
    hope you got insurance or deep pockets...
    Hi Doc Jake,

    I have Aetna Insurance. Please let me know if you know any good doctor for Stapedectomy surgery in Dallas, Texas. I heard from other forums that, the following are the few of the best surgeons in USA.

    Dr. Michael McKenna, Boston
    Dr. Shea, Memphasis
    Dr. Neil M Sperling, New York
    Dr. Michael Fucci, Phenix


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    I have not gone through the surgery yet.

    Reddy - Did you have luck finding highly recommended Dr in Dallas area?

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    Jakey, you recommending this doctor or did you find him in the yellow pages? I think the fellow deserves your opinion why you are recommending him.
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    Slow day in the basement Kenji? Did someone put you in charge hell you can't take a crap without your mom letting you upstairs.

    If this gentleman would like more information he's welcome to PM me.

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