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Thread: Really worried now

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    In the U.S. there are very few folks who are going without aids simply because they cant afford them.

    I would have thought that that was the case up here, but I'm not sure it is. We run a give-away a few times a year and people submit letters to enter. It's a lot of heart-breaking stuff that makes me realize that there are many people out there going un-amplified. I don't know whether it's because they actually can't afford something, or because their perception is that they can't afford something. We have subsidizing programs up here to help out people who really can't afford it, but I think there's a lack of education about those services--people just assume that there's no way to afford amplification and so they don't even bother coming in to see what their options are. On top of that, having always lived in a pretty solidly middle-class area I'm probably out of touch with the people who are making hard financial choices between rent money and food money.

    I'd thought that the U.S. had a slightly higher poverty rate than us, and was less enthusiastic about social saftey nets.

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    Yes I'm surprised to hear that, too. But in Canada the situation is not very favourable. I assume that if you're on welfare, there's some kind of support. Some jurisdictions, like the Yukon, will give you $500 toward hearing aids. Haha. In spite of recognizing my hearing loss as a disability, the university wouldn't help. (They would hire a note-taker, though, which was not only useless for my program, but if it had been helpful, the cost would have far exceeded that of a pair of hearing aids.) There's some government and NGO support for kids with hearing loss -- that's a good thing! Other than that, nada. I have no idea how poor people manage. The reason I initially went down the DIY route was because I could only afford aids off of eBay, and I couldn't find anyone who would program them for me.
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