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    Default Otticon pronto

    Anyone here have any input on these.
    Was told yesterday time to look into cochlear implant.

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    having aid and implant - def look into implant, its worth it - it does take adjustment time its not like changing a hearing aid, past the healing time, brain does need to adjust to dif way of hearing sounds - would do one ear at a time

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    Hello Flor1,

    I'm a little confused by your question. Do you know if your audiologist/ENT recommended you get a Cochlear Implant or a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA)?

    The Oticon Ponto is a BAHA. Otticon has a competitor named Cochlear that also makes a BAHA.

    Here is an Oticon Ponto:
    - Notice how it is just a processor that is attached behind the ear.

    Here is a Cochlear Implant: https://oticonmedical.files.wordpres...ant-image.jpeg
    - Notice how there is also a piece that goes around the ear, the part attached behind the ear and a wire connecting the two.


    I have two Oticon Ponto Plus BAHAs. I'll be honest, I don't know a whole lot about Cochlear Implants as that technology is different than BAHA technology. If you are looking into getting BAHAs, I'm happy to share any information I can. The good and the bad.

    Thank you!

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