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Thread: Discarding dead batteries

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    I tried keeping batteries and getting them recycled for a long time. Lead and mercury were the problem (I was using the Power One batteries...they have sinced released a Mercury free formulation). I now use Costco batteries, which to my knowledge are essentially the same as RayoVac (aka: Mercury free). Most Radio Shacks won't take batteries to recycle anymore, I've asked at several in my area, no success. Your City should have a battery drop off plan. But honestly, as long as you are using Lead and Mercury free batteries, which are the standard now, throwing them in the trash is the accepted practice in most communities. Without the heavy metals these batteries can be treated like alkaline batteries (trash 'em).

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    Quote Originally Posted by hlaasdan4 View Post
    What can I do with dead batteries? Where to discard them, etc?

    Most audiologists will take them back and send them out to be re-cycled. Just pack them up and take them
    to your Audi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueCrab View Post
    There's no mercury in today's batteries,
    This is not true.
    At least in the EU you can find a trashcan pictogram with a big X over it on the package.
    Below this you can see usually see "Pb" (lead) and on some brands "Hg" (mercury), too.

    Here in Germany people just return the batteries to the seller for proper disposal.
    Back in the pre-zinc-air ages, a friend of me always pressed his old batteries empty with tongs into his mercury collect jar.
    He said that the battery sellers usually didn't look very happy when they saw the open batteries with the occasional mercury droplets...
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    Best buy takes back batteries so my advice is to start the car drive to the nearest BB or aud put tons of needless greenhouse gas in the air to recycle the most minimal amounts that are in a HA battery of which may end in the trash anyway. Seem like as good an ideas as taking a private jet to pick up a environmental award.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustEd View Post
    Best buy takes back batteries
    But if you are going there anyway, might as well drop them off.
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