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Thread: Cochlear Implant Consultation Visit Expectations

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    I am scheduled for an Cochlear Implant Consultation visit Dec. 7. I am completely deaf in my right ear and have about 40% in my left ear with a hearing aid. I have been wearing hearing aids since I was 5 years old. I am now 54 years old. I have been wearing a Beltone analog hearing aid for the last 20 years and have loved it and then switched to analog. My ENT doctor says that the Phonak Bolero Q70 is not powerful enough and that I need to have Cochlear Implant and that I was a candidate. My audiologist told me that if I didn't choose the implant that the best thing for me to do was find another analog that was as powerful as I have now. I was told about 10 years ago that I was a candidate for the implant by world renowned Dr. Shea in Memphis. At the time I felt that I was doing fine with the hearing aid and didn't want to go through with the surgery. Now I am seriously considering the surgery and have been doing an enormous amount of research. Will the surgeon tell me which brand processor or do I get to pick and choose? I am considering the Advance Bionics since I can use the same accessories (Compilot, tv link). Also want to purchase the Easy Call accessory with the Advance Bionics.

    Another question I have is surely there is a hearing aid out there that is has as much power as a Cochlear implant or close to it. I took my Beltone hearing aid to the dispenser to have it cleaned and he was saying they had a hearing aid that was as powerful and that I didn't need the surgery. I am sure he just wanted the commission but then so the doctors. They want the insurance money as well.. I just don't know who to trust and believe.

    Dr. Shea said if I did have the implant done, to make sure they do it on my right deaf ear because if they mess up my left good ear then I am out of luck. I don't have my audiology report with me...Do I have the right to request a copy of the report?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    msumom, yes, your medical records belong to you and you should not feel shy about asking for a copy. I ask for a copy after each of my audiology visits. As the years go by patients move to different locations and doctors retire or die, so it's good to have your own copies of your records.
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    I had my implant done in my worse ear. The one I wasn't making a good use with my HA to begin with.

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    I am thinking about an implant any suggestions? Hybrid implant N6 speech processor

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    I was channel surfing last night and there was a PBS show about a women named Gloria Lee. She has a cochlear. She said that she can't differentiate between a man or woman's voice. She said everyone sounds like Darth Vader. I thought that was unusual and might relate to her loss. I know the lady mod at HLAA has them too and never made such a comment. How do they sound to you, Dan?
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