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Thread: I just received my cochlear implantation last week. I have some questions.

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    Default I just received my cochlear implantation last week. I have some questions.

    Hi all, I just received my cochlear implant (Advanced Bionics) last week. I'm in the process of recovering right now and I've been feeling better with less pain after each day. I have some questions though if anyone have any experiences on these. Any help would be very helpful! Thanks!!

    • What happens if someone blows their nose by accident? I was in a middle of a joke with a relative and laughed a little hard where I blew my nose a little. I felt like a slight pop of air. Does anyone know any knowledge or experience on this situation?
    • Today I ate something crunchy, Fritos chips to be specific, as I was chewing it felt like slight pops in my ear (where the procedure was done). Is this something bad? Any tips on what to eat and what not to eat?

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    Congrats on your procedure.

    Blow your nose with your mouth open, if at all possible.
    The popping is normal as there is still fluid in your Eustachian tube this early after your surgery.
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    L&R....-15....-15....-15....-15.....-15.....-15.....-15....-15 (with Cochlear Implants)

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    Best of luck with your journey! Yes, many CI users would say the same. That is they didn't feel all that great at first, before they eventually start liking it more.

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