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Thread: Directional hearing aids

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    Auggy, I'm really not sure what you're trying to say. If you do a trial of some aids, after you've worn them several weeks most fitters will do a "real ear" test to see how they're working. The real ear test is not exactly the same as the audiogram done without aids. The hearing aid fitters who visit here can probably explain it; I can't. Anyway, I think that's where they can fine-tune the "equalizer" function of the hearing aids.

    I have a flat loss in both ears which is similar in severity to yours. In my real ear test, I'm hearing in the normal range in all of the speech frequencies up to 3000 Hz and I have a mild loss at 4000 and 8000 Hz. I'm not using a power aid or audibility extension. My hearing aids are not top-of-the line. I'm very pleased with them. I would suggest that you do a trial of the aids from Costco, if they seemed good during the demo, and see how you do. If they don't meet your needs Costco gives you lots of time to return them and get your money back.
    Freq: Right Left
    250 40 60
    500 50 65
    1000 50 60
    2000 45 45
    4000 65 70
    8000 9070

    Right: SRT=50 dB, WRS 92% at 70 dB
    Left: SRT=60 dB, WRS 80% at 80 dB

    Had stapedotomy on left ear in May, 2015. Prior to that had a severe/profound loss across all frequencies in my left ear.


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    There is a test for loudness perception which does exactly what you asked for. You get a series of sounds played and have to say if you think itīs soft, medium, loud and so on. This with all frequencies and all volumes, takes about 10 minutes.

    My audi didnīt do that, I was at a clinic because of my prescription, they did.
    right 15 19 23 25 42 44 46 47 49 50
    Hz 0.125 0.25 0.5 1 2 3 4 6 8 10
    left 14 14 26 30 42 45 50 52 52 65

    Level of Discomfort right: 80 - 85 dB, left: 85 - 90 dB

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    Quote Originally Posted by auggy View Post
    I tried the rexton 42's and kinda liked the directionality and speech in noise. They were rite with closed domes and the m power. She said their was room for adjustment and if I went to the p or hp that I might not get even a day out of the batteries. Not convinced about the way the testing is done for the audiogram. It seems to me that a good sound balance test should include equalizing the loudness of each frequency(tone) when played. Not just when you think you hear the tone. Do you have a solution for a better test that I am not aware of with these Costco /Rexton aids ? Thanks
    your difficult lost makes it more important for you to compare brands with significantly different approaches to hearing loss.
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