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Thread: Moisture found on battery door? Why?

  1. Default Moisture found on battery door? Why?

    To my surprise, after wearing my BTE's most of the day, I opened the battery door and saw moisture on the battery mounting door bracket. I was shocked! There was no reason for it. I was not in any rain, I was out once in the cold only to check the mail and that was it, I stayed dry indoors all day, I had not been sweating for any reason. There was absolutely no reason I could figure as to why the moisture formed. I put them in a dryer every night. I did not notice any moisture in the morning but I wasn't looking for any either. This is really a curious find????

    Can anyone give me a clue as to why moisture formed? Did it come from the battery??? I don't believe that but I can't figure anything else. I'll be looking very closely with my loops for now on.

    I'm new to HA's and this forum by the way. Just got my Widex RIC/RITE Unique Fusion 330's a week ago and I've been very careful to keep them clean and dry.

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    It was probably caused by condensation. The hearing aids aren't airtight, so warm air can get inside and moisture can condense on the inner surfaces.

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    Zinc batteries can lose water as part of their operation if their Teflon seal is breached.
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    The moisture was literally coming from my ears without swetting. What cured it was the use of HA sweat bands I recently purchasrd.

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