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    So i have to buy a new set of aids.
    Costco wants to put me into the Trax 42 aids with a rechargeable set of batteries.
    Now I have an old charger dryer from my present aids Rexton 3G-03.
    My question is can i use that charger for the new trax 42 aids.
    they look Identical. if yes i can save some bucks.

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    Yes, you can use the old charger, but you'll need a new inlay tray. The correct model will depend on which Trax 42 you're getting.

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    I fear you won't save $$$. The Costco offer is for a "complimentary" item. You can choose: remote, charger, Bluetooth adapter. I would suggest the later. You would have to then purchase rechargeable batteries. Those can be expensive. About the cost of a year's worth of batteries. You should get the XM (larger) battery model as many say they can go a full day with the smaller ones.
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