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Thread: How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries REALLY last?

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    Default How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries REALLY last?

    We are currently running a survey to get a better understanding of the factors that impact hearing aid battery life. Among other things, we hope to get a better understanding of:

    1. What is the average battery life for different sized hearing aid batteries?
    2. How does battery life relate to hearing aid style?
    3. How does audio streaming impact battery life?
    4. Are some hearing aid brands better than others, when it comes to battery life?

    To complete the survey, and be entered into our raffle (we're giving away a 6-month supply of free batteries to 3 winners), please click on the link below.


    Thank you so much for helping us gather this valuable information!
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    This does not open for me...just an image of batteries

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarenK View Post
    This does not open for me...just an image of batteries
    If you click on TAKE THE SURVEY instead of the attached image file, you'll get to the survey.
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    Thanks bobwal.. Yes, I have removed the attached image file to alleviate any further confusion!

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