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    Well it's not exactly CB Radio it's a taxi cab radio I have issues with.
    I'm looking for a solution that would allow me to port the output from the radio speaker through to my aids and wondered if anyone has ever tried this.
    I'm currently using a pair of Phonak Audeo S Smart 9s and my problem is that I have to change cabs often. Each cab is different and although the radios are the same, the sound can be quite different especially if the cab is new. The soft furniture prevents the sound from bouncing and is lost. In the older cabs the drivers section is almost all hard surfaces and therefore the sound bounces quite a bit.

    I'm open to any ideas... the more the merrier

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    Does the radio have a jack for another speaker? There are Bluetooth transmitters that could go in the jack. A Phonak BT transmitter could then direct it to the hearing aids.
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    Oh I'm not sure... I'll take a look. That sound s like a great idea if it has the external speaker jack.
    Thanks for the suggestion

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