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Thread: Costco KS7 user experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by z10user2 View Post
    I agree BlueCrab.
    When I was first getting hearing aids I was all about the music. Like yeah sure speech of course but how will the music sound. Then I learned about music programs and found that it sounded pretty good. Then I figured out setting up my computer to play music with an equalizer tuned for the different ear capability. Especially using headphones but not using aids. This sounded very good.
    So it's not the end of the world for music just because one has poor un-aided hearing. One can enjoy music un-aided with headphones and equalizer adjusted to ones hearing loss. And one can enjoy music elsewhere.
    I have the headphones, do you have or can you recommend a portable equalizer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomL44039 View Post
    I have the headphones, do you have or can you recommend a portable equalizer?
    I'm sorry...I don't understand your use of the term "portable equalizer" in this context.

    So I'll explain at length what I do. Ignore at your pleasure.
    I got the KS7's and had them put in the listen to recorded music program. I rarely listen to live and I don't make my own music.
    Listening to music with the aid program I thought was pretty good all things considered. As we all get to learn...there's no going back to the hearing you had in your teens even with aids.
    I don't have a fancy recorded music playback system (stereo ). I use my computer. I generally don't have the aids in when I'm listening. I play uncompressed ripped music. I listen through bookshelf speakers connected through an external amp and I listen through headphones. I found an equalizer program that lets me adjust left and right separately to match my audiogram but scaled down to like half the numbers of the audiogram.
    This works well. Sounds pretty darn good to my ears. There are still parts that are lost that I recall should be there from when my ears were better. I ask the wife "can you hear the thing that should be here?" and she says yes. So it's my hearing. Sigh. Alas and alack. ie. ringing bells. Like The Beatles Day in the Life when it transitions to "woke up got out of bed" etc. Just before the vocal during the simple piano bit there's an alarm bell sound. I can't hear it unless it's cranked or I adjust the equalizer way out of whack which would distort other sounds. This is frustrating of course.
    But on the whole I'm pretty satisfied with the set up considering my declining hearing.
    The player on my phone has a pretty detailed equalizer but it doesn't have separate left and right control. I also prefer the now virtually defunct Blackberry but the choice of programs has always been much less than other OS offerings. I can run some Android programs on it though. I don't know if Android offers a good equalizer that can do both sides. I don't do fruity products anywhere.

    That's what I do. YMMV

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    Thank you for that. I could have written the same saga!
    I am thinking that maybe with today's technology that you had found a small battery operated dongle type equalizer that could be used with wireless headphones.

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    Saga indeed

    I wondered if that was what you were looking for. Now I understand. No I don't have any separate portable device.
    I would certainly look at using your phone as a player and looking for a detailed equalizer program. That way you don't have yet another device to carry around. I assume you are intending to listen to music without the aids like I do. Other than incidentally out and about of course.
    I'm going to dig a little deeper into Android equalizers to see if any have separate left and right control. It's because in my case my ears have different losses. Maybe most people have the same loss in both sides I don't know. If so then they wouldn't have a need for separate control.

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    Don't be such a damn stick in the mud. We had this discussion about a year ago with another classical music fan. It's not gone, it's just different. I'm sure that when we go to a concert, my wife is hearing something different than I am, but I am still enjoying myself.

    Yes, the experience is different.

    Actually, I first noticed a problem when listening to a Cleveland Orchestra performance of Bruckner symphony about 10 years ago -- the loud brass sounded distorted. But my hearing got noticeably worse about 4 years ago when I had chemo to treat leukemia. I noticed sounds were muffled. And they still are. But I still enjoy going to concerts and I listen to Cleveland Orchestra broadcasts via the Web almost every Sat.

    Thanks to y'all for the good information here.
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