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Thread: Looking professionals for an ambitious project!

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    Default Looking professionals for an ambitious project!


    Who am I?

    I study Music & Technology at Universitylevel in Holland. For my finalproject to finish my bachelor I want to look at the possibilities of creating an app that is made for people (especially musicians) with hearing loss.


    As a musician who suffers from mild hearing loss I want to look at the possibilities to provide a solution not only for myself but for a lot of other people to help them out. I have a very clear idea for myself how I want to do this. However, there still remain a lot of questions whether this is feasible and if so, how this can be done in the best way . To know if my project can be a succes I need more answers on certain topics and this is why I am posting this. I am looking for and want to get in touch with someone who have professional knowledge on an academic level about the way the human hearing works ( audiological scientist, ENT) and also is able to provide in-depth knowledge about more technical subjects regarding processing of sound (more specificly equalization and phasing). My preference would be to have a Skypesession for to ask some questions about these subjects.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hello, I am interested in this project. Will we have more discussion?

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    Sometimes these sorts of questions pop up on these forums, people who claim to be university researchers but asking questions the way a university researcher would not.
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    Hello Neoking,

    At which university do you study?
    Aan welke universiteit doe je welke opleiding? Zelf aan de TUDelft gestudeerd en ben al een paar jaar bezig met piano en gehoorapparaten. Ben geinteresseerd.

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    @makichi and Markismus: I send you guys a pm

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