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    I am enjoying the new HAs so far but have run into a couple of questions: let me start with I fire them up around 0715each morning and they stay in and working until at least 2100 if not until 2300. I stream pretty much 95% of my phone calls which on any given day can be 30 minutes to and 1.5 hrs and rarely steam music. with that all said I am running the 312 batteries from Varta ( given to me when I got the HAs) the right battery last for 3.5 to 4 days max but on the app it still shows the left one is still at full charge. is it normal for one side to burn quicker then the other and I am changing them both out each time the right one goes dead. thought?

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    They do vary a bit. Usually, not much. The charge indicators really aren't that much help. The batteries don't report discharge state well. They are more like an on/off switch.
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    I've worn the resound linx2 9 and 312 batteries for about 1 year ... I stream primarily television about 5 to 6 hrs a day and also phone calls occasonally. During that time I had both HA's replaced, 1st the right one would top streaming and tell me battery was low even if the battries were new....after replacement the same problem changed to the L HA and now I had that one replaced....since replacement they seem to be working well both sides now last about 4 days before low battery alarm starts and tone starts with in hours of each oher

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