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Thread: How to buy a mini PRO (USB 2.0 Hearing Aid Programmer)

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    I purchased the minipro for my siemens pure 5x and the programmer works great. Thanks PVC for your posts. Now just to understand how to really learn the connexx program

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    Thanks again PVC, I have went through that and other courses, but still a lot to learn and comprehend making changes and their additional unaware 'side' effects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meshuganah View Post
    Hi, Yes, I ordered and paid by credit card. Waited a week and was advised by email that the deal was cancelled because the seller did not respond in time. I replied to the email and was then told that i can still get the mini pro if I pay $310.00 (instead of the original $169.00)Aliexpress was a let down experience for me. I have bought a huge amount of stuff from China and other oriental places....never had a problem.....maybe it just wasn't meant to be!
    I have bought off Aliexpress for years, and continue to do so. The device you ordered is probably available from many sellers there, so I suggest messaging some of the others. Many of the Aliexpress retailers have an online chat service, but you'll have to be aware of the time zone difference so you're not trying at their 3am! I have used this before and it irons out any expectation differences very quickly.

    The sudden rise in price is a bit odd, and certainly not within my experience of Aliexpress. As for taxes, Australians are not subject to import tax for items less than $900 or $1000, can't remember the specifics, so it wasn't that.

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