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Thread: Siemens Aquaris Discontinued??

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    In order for the aquaris to be "waterproof" you need to wear it with a full occluded ear mold or water can get in through the speaker port--it can be used with a slimtube but not for swimming. Additionally, by the end of it's sale life siemens was recommending that you send them in every year to have siemens refurbish the waterproofing, and once they are out of warranty siemens would charge a full repair fee for you to do this. So, it's probably not worthwhile for you to get them. If your current hearing aids are under warranty, just surface swim with them and take some care not to dunk them if you can avoid it.

    The water that they use to submerge hearing aids in for the IP ratings is very clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffBowser View Post
    I'll go one further - at least two HA mfg's, including my Widex Beyond, claim "IP68", but in the fine print, and if you speak to a factory rep directly, they are HORRIFIED at the thought of their HA's getting wet and strongly recommend against it. The Aquaris was the only HA I found that would "officially" support actual submersion and getting wet in general. I have gone snorkeling, swimming, splashing around, and general all around salt-water sports with my Aquaris and it has been solid.
    How long can you wear the Aquaris before it goes out? Doesn't it stop after 30 minutes because the battery runs out of air? Thanks.

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    I can't stay underwater that long! It has a air-permeable membrane in the battery door. So long as I come up for air here and there, it's good.

    Quote Originally Posted by jljones1 View Post
    How long can you wear the Aquaris before it goes out? Doesn't it stop after 30 minutes because the battery runs out of air? Thanks.
    R: no hearing

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    Thanks, this is very helpful. I've also seen the aids on Ebay but I just don't have the stomach to pay that much money for something that may not work out of the box, let alone not offer any warranty.

    I mainly want the IP68 aids so I can kayak, go white water rafting, and take surfing lessons. Kayaking without hearing, while it's possible, is pretty dangerous for someone new to the sport like me.

    When I swim at the beach I usually just put my aids into a waterproof bag.

    I'll start looking at all the aids you mentioned and pass along any new information I get. Thanks.

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    iHear Medical has a Facebook page where people comment on their experiences with iHear products or ask questions. The experiences have been mostly positive and iHear seems to be a good, responsive company to deal with.

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