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    I saw an ENT last august for hearing loss. While I was in there, he told me I had a perforated eardrum on the left. I have absolutely no idea when this happened, how long it's been there. (It could have been there years). At no point did he ever tell me what to do about it, just sent me on my way. The HIS I saw a week later was surprised he left it. I have a propensity to scarring, specifically keloid scarring, which is absolutely not what you want to mess with, so I'm highly against surgery. I've had no symptoms, not a single earache, no dizziness nothing. Has anyone else perforated their eardrum and not noticed.

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    lots of things can cause perforated eardrums such as: sinus and upper respiratory infections, flying or scuba diving or trauma, like poking it with a Qtip. Most heal by themselves in a couple months, but some never do and when that happens you could require surgery to put a graft over the hole. The important thing to do right now is make sure you don't get water in your ear and seek medical attention if you experience dizziness, trouble walking, high fever, vomiting, etc.
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