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Thread: Experience with Phonak hearing aids and audiologists

  1. Default Experience with Phonak hearing aids and audiologists

    I have been wearing hearing aids for over 20 years. Before, I owned Resound. I bought a pair of Phonak V90 from a audiologist two years ago in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. I am not sure if it is the audi or the hearing aids, I have had to replace the ear molds 6 times because they break or fit improperly. Each time, the ear molds are replaced, I go through major problems getting them readjusted. I have been to the audi at least 20 times in the last two years, because of a lot of echo or background noise. It takes numerous trips to re-adjust the background noise. I finally two months where they were acceptable.
    I went in this past Wednesday to replace the tube on the left ear; it was too short and rubbing the ear raw. I asked her to adjust the right ear down one notch in volume. I have to adjust it on my phone every morning. You would think this would be a simple task. I told her at this time, that I had an echo and the background noise was bad. She argued with me that she had not done anything to change the settings.

    When I went to work on Thursday, the noise and echo was too much for me to hear properly. I went in this morning, asking her to re-adjust previous settings that worked before. She hooked up the Bluetooth to her computer and it immediately created more echo and background noise. She argued with that nothing had changed. I finally just left.
    I have contacted Phonak and their customer service is not very good. I talked to another audi that sell Phonak and they said they charge $700 per ear to take over any warranties or adjustments. I am not quite sure what direction to turn now. I not sure if Phonak are junk hearing aids or I have an audi that does not have a clue what she is doing. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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    It seems like you had the same issue with your Boleros per your prior post. I don't know what you mean by echo, but the noise program should be something that can be adjusted for. If the phone is still a problem, I would recommend trying an aid that has direct streaming. That has made a big difference for myself any many others. Do you have the Com-pilot for streaming with you v90s?

    Can you pay the other Audi a fee to adjust the aids?
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    I do have the Compilot. Even when I turn that off, I still have echo. I have even uninstalled the Phonak app and reinstalled and it did not help. I have spent a boatload of money on these aids, and I really need to make them work. No other audi I have talked to will touch the aids without taking over the care, that is where the $700 per ear fees comes in.

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    That's a tough spot especially since it seems like your current Audi isn't trying to help. Could you trial a pair of aids from the other Audi or even You could then see if the new aids and different person adjusting them is making a difference.

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    Yes, I have thought about that. Also, I considered trying to find a way to adjust the hearing aids myself. Can't do any worse that my audi had done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nativecat01 View Post
    She hooked up the Bluetooth to her computer and it immediately created more echo and background noise. She argued with that nothing had changed. I finally just left.
    This is a little confusing because if you're in the audi's office which is probably all quiet, if not even inside the insulated booth, where would the echo and the background noise come from? And what do you mean by echo? When you or the audi talks, you hear echo after the voice?
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    Even the air conditioning vent in the office was abnormally loud. The echo of my own voice is bad. My wife can hear the echo of her own voice over the phone when the Bluetooth is on. This was not the case a few days ago.

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    My V90s have never had any echo. It sounds like they have an excess delay. The V90s actually have a program which reduces echo in large reverberant rooms. Ask your audiologist to have the Phonak rep attend for programming - maybe even start from scratch.

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    I bought some Phonak aids over a year ago and have been back several times to have them calibrated. My old ReSound aids work so much better that I've finally decided to use them and leave the Phonaks in the box. I'm going to have to go back to Costco and get some sport grips and wax filters for the old ReSounds, since I got rid of my 'supply' when I ot the Phonaks. I wish I'd returned the Phonaks during the trial period, but I kept thinking they could make them better. I'm just glad I still have the old ones.
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    I have the Brio 2 from Costco. I was using Resound Versa 962 aids and I find the Brio 2s much better is all respects except music. The automatic program particularly works good in the Brio. I have the size 13 battery so I can change the programs manually but never need to. Will have music program added on visit next week to see if it helps.
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