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Thread: HearingAidForums is Hacked with Vbulletin myfilestore hack

  1. Thumbs down HearingAidForums is Hacked with Vbulletin myfilestore hack

    Here's how you can see/duplicate the ill effects of this Vbulletin myfilestore hack;

    1) Clear your browser cookies, for Firefox (Options/Privacy/Show Cookies/Remove All)
    2) Do a Search via Google, Bing, any-Internet-search, for "HearingAidForums"
    3) Click the HearingAidForums link and you will be redirected to myfilestore
    4) It only redirects the first search, or until you clear Cookies again

    Results of the hack... People searching for HearingAidForums (or topics within HearingAidForums) are redirected to myfilestore.

    More about the hack... >>LMGTFY<<

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    My antivirus is warning me of malicious content in the website

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    I was working on a PC that had Avast anti-virus software installed. Avast detected and aborted the redirection. It gave a popup warning window after aborting the redirection, and then continued normally to the HearingAidForums webpage.

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    This hack is still present and active. It is Eating-Your-Lunch Don't tell me the virus is on my computer. It's not. The virus is in the Vbullentin code of We have already proven that.
    Last edited by pvc; 03-31-2017 at 02:01 PM. Reason: eta: We have already proven that in a since-deleted thread. How we proved it? Multiple menbers duplicated the problem.

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    The Google warning link associated with this hack >>This site may be hacked.<< is also back. >>LMGTFY<<

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