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Thread: How to turn on pulsed signals in Phonak Target

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    Default How to turn on pulsed signals in Phonak Target


    I have boatloads of tinnitus and I often can't tell a pure tone signal from my hearing aids during audiogram direct from my own tinnitus.

    The Phonak manual for Target 5.1 (and past manuals and past versions of Target. I have been using Target since 4.0) say that "For air conduction thresholds, [Pulsed signals] are available, if desired." and in the manual shows a picture of a setting where one can select pulsed signal.

    target pulsed signlAL.jpg

    This is a screenshot from the manual.

    Yet when I do audiogram direct in the actual program, there is no option there for pulsed signal:

    target no pulsed.jpg

    What gives? I pretty much know this program backward and forward, so I have checked to see if maybe there is a setting in setup, or on some other menu to turn on this option for pulsed and I can't find it.

    Anyone know how to get this setting to show up?
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    I dunno. Have you browsed these free Audiology Online courses?

    >>Phonak Target Software: What's New?<<

    >>Phonak Target: Navigating Through a First Fit<<

    >>Phonak Target 5.0 with Benefits Demonstrator<<

    Though, I am unsure if this will address your specific issue?
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