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Thread: choosing HA dispenser, London UK

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    Default choosing HA dispenser, London UK

    Hello, this my first post - apologies in advance for errors in etiquette etc....

    I'm getting my first HAs. I've been to two HA dispensers for tests, one in Harley Street, one high street chain. The Harley Street test was long (2hrs) and included a speech in noise test. The high street chain was shorter (1 hour) and did not include a speech in noise test. The resulting audiograms were pretty much identical. The Harley Street audiologist was plainly more experienced and knowledgeable about different HAs, but the high street audiologist was properly qualified and appeared competent too. Both recommended the same HAs for me, a pair of Widex Unique 330s. But the Harley Street practice will charge me 4800 a pair, the high street chain 2745 a pair - for the same level of warranty and aftercare.

    My question is, what does the Harley Street practice bring to the party to justify the huge extra cost? Eg, does the speech in noise test make a difference to the programming of the HAs? Can the extra experience of the Harley Street audiologist significantly affect the result in use of the same HAs? Or if I go to Harley Street am I simply paying for the name?

    Any guidance gratefully received!
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    Nearly twice as good? No.

    Were you comfortable with the cheaper fitter? Did he seem to consider your feeling? Did he offer a trial? It is things like that -- your comfort with what he is saying and how you are taking it. With the exchange rate, they both might be a bit high. That aid here would be likely around $3200. But, not sure of the current exchange rate.

    UmBongo is a very qualified fitter in Wales and recommended a London fitter in a recent post. Do a search on London here.
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    Thanks KenP. I'll do as you suggest. (Both offered free trials, both seemed good people; it's the technical side I just don't know about, the programming of the HAs.)
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