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Thread: Programming cables needed

  1. Default Programming cables needed for Hansaton Sorino

    Hello, i'm about to buy the mini pro device and start my trip on programming my Hansaton sorino aids by myself. I have the software and missing the cables. When i was going to my audiologist he was using some flex strips cs63 but not so sure. Where can i buy them? If i recall they were 3 pin.

    edit: i've found flex strips and cs64 cables at hearingclub but they don't ship to Greece.
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    You said cs64 cables. I think you meant cs44 cables. I dunno about shipping to Greece? Ask the seller.

    You will need the Hansfit HI database. Not Sifit. Not Rexfit.

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    If it turns out that you need Orange Flex Strips, let me know. I bought them, but don't need them.
    Also, I wonder if Ebay will ship to Greece. I bought both cable Ebay.
    250 500 1k 2k 3k 4k 6k 8k
    R 30 40 50 60 70 65 60 65
    L 30 35 50 55 65 65 65 80

    Tested 2/2017

    Starkey WI-110 purchased used in 2013.

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    @pcv yeah my mistake, meant cs44. I sent them an email hopefully they will reply me with a positive message

    @allenmoretsky if they fit my ha's sure let me know. sadly most sellers don't ship to Greece..

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    Thanks for the replies, it looks like that aurem are shipping to Greece..!

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