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Thread: Another new user: Conflicting info on how to properly maintain HAs

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    Hi, after 12 years of a mild hearing loss, my hearing deteriorated more over the past year and I now have my first pair of aids. I have the Starkey Muse. Have had them 3 days and it does make a significant difference, just to have that small band of hi-freq sounds amplified.

    My question is about care and maintenance.

    The audiologist said to care for the aids as follows:

    • Wipe the aids down with Wet Ones or something similar.
    • Use a very soft toothbrush to get wax off the domes (as opposed to using the cheapy brush that comes with the Starkey)
    • Periodically take the domes off and check the wax guard and change it out if needed.
    • Leave battery door open overnight (and I guess whenever else you take them off, like for swimming).

    But I'm seeing other posts about never using anything moist on hearing aids. And lots of people purchase drying containers or devices to store their aids. So I'm confused about the best way to care for them. Even the various YouTube videos have a bit of conflicting information!

    I would love some guidance from experienced users on the best way to care for my aids. Thank you!
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