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Thread: Resound Enzo 2 or Widex Super

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    Any experience with these hearing aids? Pro or cons? Thank you so much.

    I have severe-profound loss.

    My audiogram (yes same loss on both sides)


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    Enzo2, by a long stretch - I've fitted both, but the Widex Receiver is big and ugly despite the accessories being good.

    The Enzo has incredible power on tap before the feedback manager kicks in - even then you won't lose much in terms of gain. Get some new low modulus silicone moulds a thick-wall tube and a couple of accessories or use it with your I-phone.
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    I also have the ENZO2 and picked it over Widex mainly due to connectivity options. The EZNO2 is made for iPhone so if you have an iPhone, you don't need any neck-worn streamer! The HAs are controllable through the resound app from the phone as well. Resound also has a MultiMic that can be worn by someone so you can hear them better in noise. The MultiMic also transmits right to the hearing aids with no streamer needed. I love mine!

    Here are some videos I made about the ENZO2 and MultiMic...

    Resound ENZO2


    HZ 250 500 750 1k 2k 3k 4k 6k 8k
    Right 20 40 65 70 80 100 110 NR NR
    Left 20 50 70 80 90 115 105 NR NR

    Hearing Aids: Resound ENZO2 9 with MultiMic

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    Widex Super is an old device (technology is 5 years old now) and Ive found it to be pretty unreliable. Get the Resound

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