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Thread: OPN pairing to iPhone and iPad simultaneously workaround

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    Volusiano (and Abarsanti if reading this) - I wonder if the problem with the hearing aid needing to be repaired/open-close battery door, has something to do with the intermediary TV/laptop device that you are using to stream from your tv/laptop. Perhaps it is taking hold of the aid(s) and not relinquishing them like the iPhone / iPad scenario above. Unfortunately, I don't know how the intermediary device works that you and Abarsanti are using, but something to explore. Is there a way to "disconnect" from the intermediary device when done? You could consider calling Oticon and asking for tech support as I mentioned in a different thread. 1-800-526-3921, tell them you are hearing aid owner, and ask for tech support. They answered my question about iPhone/iPad Bluetooth connectivity. Wait time was a bit long with annoying beeps instead of music, but they did eventually answer.

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    Thanks for sharing the Oticon tech support phone #, gbdba! I'll definitely try them next time I have a question.

    The TV Adapter 3.0 streamer that I have (I think Tony said he was looking to buy one, too) basically occupies a special program mode on the OPN. If you look at the Hearing Devices setting on your iPhone, you'll see that there's a program mode (beside the regular ones that you already have) called "TV Box 1". Actually since you don't have it, you probably won't see this program on your iPhone specifically, but I do. You basically pair your OPN to the TV Adapter 3.0 then after that it remembers the OPN. From then on, whenever you want to use the TV Adapter, you simple switch the OPN to the TV Box 1 mode and you're connected.

    The TV Adaptor 3.0 connection to the OPN has always been rock solid compared to the iPhone connection to the OPN. That's why I have some reservation that it may be more likely that the iPhone is the culprit for the bad connection issues with the OPN, because if the cause of the connection issues is from the OPN, then why would it work so well with the TV Adapter 3.0? Besides, it does make sense that since Oticon designed the TV Adaptor 3.0 themselves, that they're in control of whatever the protocol is between it and the OPN, while Oticon is not in control of the iPhone streaming protocol because Apple sets that protocol themselves, and Oticon can only follow it.

    As for interference from the TV Adaptor 3.0 causing connection to the iPhone being spotty, I haven't seen any evidence of that. It seems to be designed to work quite seamlessly, meaning that I can be streaming from the TV Adaptor and if something else comes through from the iPhone like a phone call or alarm, it would interrupt the TV streaming and the iPhone streaming takes priority over it. So it seems like Oticon has designed and enabled parallel operation between the TV Adapter and the iPhone to work together well up front.
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    I added to Step 3 "If you find that it doesn't start streaming to your iPad or the streaming is only in one ear, then turn Bluetooth off and then back on on your iPad. (This also seems to work if you lose streaming in one aid but not the other.)"
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