Hi, I've been going through hearing assistance hell recently. In the last two years or less, my hearing in my right ear has gone from a moderate loss to profound. I still have a moderate loss in my left. I've seen two ENTs and a couple of audiologists. Two of the ENTs have recommended a hybrid cochlear implant because I still have good low frequency hearing in my bad ear. One recommended a Baha 5 Superpower or a Ponto Superpower and both audiologists talked to me about trying a Bicros aid. I'm so conflicted about what to do. Anyway, I really can't wrap my mind around the Baha option. It would be used for me like a single sided deaf person. My loss is entirely sensorineural in both ears. At least, that's what it looks like. So, how could a bone anchored device like a Baha help me in my moderate loss ear? I understand that with a Baha type device it's not a matter of amplification, I know it's a matter of bone conduction and vibration but can it be fitted to adjust to a particular loss like hearing aids are? These new bone anchored devices have a gain of 65 DB. At the same time that a Baha would be sending vibrations from my bad ear to my better ear through the skull, I'm wearing a hearing aid in my good ear. Someone please explain how all this works. Thank you. IMG_5536.jpg