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Thread: Hearing aids? I guess it was coming... wait, for both ears!!!!

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    Default Hearing aids? I guess it was coming... wait, for both ears!!!!

    I know, I am hard of hearing, but I was just informed on friday, that I need hearing aids. Well the doctors words were, that he "strongly recommends that I try hearing aids." I am scared, sad, and I just dont know what else. Maybe overwhelmed. I got Menieres and vestibular migraines, so my ears are getting in rough shape. Went from great to HOH in about a year. I have trouble understanding people, mostly in noisy places. ANd my hearing is only going to get worse. and my balance, I am surprised I can stay up right most days.

    I was looking at brands websites and its all terribly laid out. Information is hard to compare.

    I am still processing it all. its all hitting home. I am scared. Mostly I guess the uncertainty of my hearing loss.
    How am I supposed to figure out which HAs are best suited for me?

    for the price, features, and even style. Yes I want to give them some style. Kinda like glasses. I dont want to hide them or the fact I am hoh. I feel it does me and the deaf/hoh community a disservice to hide our wonderful little hearing devices. I am not ashamed to lose my hearing, just scared and not ready.

    This girl needs some advice and help, and a little support would be nice. I just don't know.
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    Hz - L -- R

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    750 40 --30
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    2k 30 -- 35
    3k 50 --30
    4k 25 --25
    6k 35 -- 30
    8k 25 -- 25

    srt/sat 30 -- 20

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