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Thread: Hearing aids? I guess it was coming... wait, for both ears!!!!

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    With that audiogram there certainly isn't any need to panic! Go with the 'apple' glossy white and then go over to eargears they have every color you can think of. There was a lady here that had jewelry of all types hung on hers. I'm sure someone will remember the details. Do a google search lots of choices.

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    "We are all going deaf, Some of us are just better at it."

    Great line gamma, love it :-)
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    I remember all too well when I finally gave in and got one hearing aid. I'd put it off for years until my doc told me word discrimination is like any muscle, if you don't use it you lose it. At the time my bad ear was about the same as your audiogram. I grieved having to use one, there is nothing wrong with that. Then I got one and it was so awesome not not havevto turn my good ear to the Person! Then unfortunately I got an acoustic neuroma in my good ear. Thankfully, even after radiation it's still pretty decent, although I lost a lot in high pitched tones. After awhile I relented and agreed to use the 2nd one. Again, I grieved at the loss of my hearing and not having things just normal.

    Now I am used to them. I do get frustrated at times, but not often. Mostly if it cuts out or something. I worry when I go on vacation. My angel audiologist loans me some when I do, just in case. That's why I'm willing to pay more for a private audiologist. The care I receive is unbelievable....and free.

    its been several years since I purchased mine, do unfortunately I can't help you with the latest technology...I'll be researching myself in a year. But I have to say the wireless ones with speech in noise are fantastic. I can go to any loud restaurant and have a conversation.

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